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Supporting Teens and Young Adults to Thrive

Hello and The Warmest Welcome

Making the decision to seek some extra help isn’t easy, I know. So I want to congratulate you for taking that first step.

Perhaps you’re a parent or guardian, eager to get the best support for your son or daughter, for their struggles with anxious thoughts or behaviours. Or maybe you’re a teenager or young adult who experiences physical symptoms of anxiety (such as tummy aches or a racing heart), which make you want to avoid certain situations. My interest in providing timely treatment for difficulties such as these is the reason why I founded Flourishing Futures Psychology. So I want you to rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

Supporting teens and young adults to recognise, understand and develop strategies to manage their own personal experiences of anxiety is my specialism. I too was prone to getting tangled up with anxiety when I was younger, so I know how it can try to trip you up.  I now meet with a limited number of clients per week, to ensure that I have time to offer you the consideration that you need.

You’re not alone, anxiety is one of the most common mental wellbeing challenges experienced today. It’s actually encountered by a high percentage of people at some point in their lives. It’s just not talked about enough. I therefore find genuine joy in supporting young people between the ages of 13 and 25, to develop the resilience to flourish and achieve their own full potential.

Signature for Dr Emily Fletcher - Clinical Psychologist and Company Owner at Flourishing Futures Psychology

Dr Emily Fletcher

Clinical Psychologist and Company Owner

Flourishing Futures Psychology

Get To Know Emily


I am an HCPC Registered Chartered Clinical Psychologist, with a background of over 11 years of employment in the NHS, Charity and Private sectors. This has given me experience in assessing and treating people suffering from a wide range of psychological difficulties. I have worked with people of all ages, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and in group and 1:1 contexts. I also have experience working with people who have co-occurring neurodevelopmental difficulties, such as ADHD and Autism.


With a specialist interest in working with young people and their families, I have enjoyed particular successes in helping teenagers and young adults manage both mild and complex social anxiety; generalised anxiety; phobias; and OCD. I now therefore spend most of my time working with people who experience these kinds of difficulties. 

Headshot Photograph of Dr Emily Fletcher - Clinical Psychologist and Company Owner at Flourishing Futures Psychology

What People Say

I wish I’d had a Psychologist like you when I was young. I think things might have been different if I had. 

Parent of Teenager – Social Anxiety and Low Mood

I’m eating breakfast before school now and even ate out in a restaurant with mum the other week. I was so scared about the school trip, but I actually enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the next one now!

Teenage Client – Emetophobia (Fear of Vomiting)

I never thought it would be possible. I’m sleeping right through the night, without feeling like I need to constantly get up and check things. I feel so much less tired during the day, and have more time to do fun things as a result. I’m getting on so much better with my boyfriend as well. Thank you!

Young Adult – OCD


We live in challenging times. As we move beyond the wide-reaching impacts of the global pandemic, we face stressful and uncertain events, including the rising cost of living; climate change; and war in Europe. Gosh, it’s a lot. It’s therefore unsurprising that people of all ages are struggling with emotional wellbeing. 

The explosion of social media, while a wonderful tool for connecting us, can have the unwanted impact of making us believe the myth that other people are happy all the time or that there’s something wrong with us when we’re not.

I want to bust that myth for you right here. It’s actually normal to experience difficult emotions and it’s courageous to ask for help when you need it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. By doing so, you’re investing in the development of skills that you can use as a shield of resilience when times get rough, throughout your entire life.

As a professional with my own lived experience of life’s struggles, I feel naturally empathic when people approach me and share their stories. I also pride myself in building trusting therapeutic relationships, which I strongly believe (and research shows), are the single most vital ingredient in supporting you to discover your full potential. I therefore want you to feel safe knowing that there’s no judgement here

You’re the expert on you. I’m just here to share the things that I’ve learnt on my journey, to help you explore what matters to you, and to encourage you to try out new ways of thinking and being. I’ll be your champion along the way. 

Your Support

Confidential, Evidence-Based, Specialist Psychological Support, provided by an HCPC Registered Chartered Clinical Psychologist 

Your Place

Choose to meet me either Online or at Flourishing Futures Psychology, Royal Tunbridge Wells – whichever you prefer 

Your Time

Flexible appointment times to meet your own personal needs 

Your Budget

Clear, fair, competitive fees 


I completed my Doctoral Training in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsychol) at The University of Edinburgh. This enabled me to become a Chartered Member (CPsychol) of The British Psychological Society (BPS); and to join The Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP); The Faculty for Children, Young People and their Families (CYPF); and The Special Group for Independent Practitioners (SGIP).

Prior to this, I obtained a Postgraduate Master’s Degree (MSc) in Mental Health from The Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London. I also have an Undergraduate Master’s Degree (MSc (Hons)) in Psychology from The University of Glasgow and have contributed to published research and review papers. 

I have a keen interest in Continual Professional Development and regularly attend additional training courses in line with my specialism. 

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